Parent and Immigration Study

We are currently recruiting first-generation Latina mothers and their teens to join our study! Interested?

Click HERE to see if you’re eligible!

Are you interested in helping us learn about the brain, parenting and cultural strengths and stressors in the LatinX community?

The George Mason Youth Emotions Lab is looking for first-generation Latina mothers and their 10-13-year-olds to participate in our brief research study about stress, family strengths, and the brain. The study will be confidential and you will make $100 for one 2-hour session. This study is being done for research purposes, our IRBNet number is: 1444693-1.

Participation will entail a noninvasive brain scan (fMRI) and brief questionnaires. Childcare and transportation costs will be provided!

If you are interested in participating please contact Claire Niehaus at (571)418-2050 or

*We do not ask for citizenship or legal status, we do we only ask for a name and phone number*