Research Assistants

Part-Time Research Assistant Positions in Psychology

**We are currently recruiting for research assistants at this time!**

We are looking for research assistants (RA’s) to work 10 hours per week on a NIH-funded study of parent-adolescent interactions and how these relate to adolescents’ risk behaviors. The study is being conducted by Dr. Tara Chaplin, a professor in the Psychology Department at Mason. As part of this study, adolescents come to the lab with both of their parents for assessment sessions. For these, adolescents and parents complete questionnaire, interview, and biological assessments of psychological symptoms, substance use, and risk behaviors, and some of the adolescents also complete an fMRI session. We will consider RA applicants for course credit or as volunteers.

RA duties would include:

  1. Conducting study sessions with parents and adolescents, including collecting questionnaire and interview data on adolescents’ and parents’ psychological functioning and substance use.
  2. Assisting with scheduling and preparing for study sessions.
  3. Data entry and database management.

Study sessions are most often held in the late afternoon, so potential RAs would need to be available from 2:30-7:30 pm on at least 2 weekdays (and on at least 2 weekend days per month). We strongly prefer that RAs make a 2-semester commitment to the project.

Location of work:  Dr. Chaplin is a professor in Psychology at Mason. The study is being conducted at her lab space slightly off campus at 10340 Democracy Lane, Suite 301, Fairfax, VA.

Graduate Students

Dr. Chaplin will be recruiting a graduate student in clinical psychology for the Fall 2019 academic year.