Parenting Mindfully Study

Parenting Mindfully Study

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Parenting Mindfully Study-II

Mindfulness programs are courses designed to increase mindful awareness, reduce stress, and improve the enjoyment of life. Mindfulness-based programs have been extensively researched and shown to significantly reduce stress and stress-related disorders (such as headaches, depression), and improve the quality of life in adults. Our program, the Parenting Mindfully Program, is one of the first to use this powerful mindfulness program to reduce parents’ stress, improve parent-child relationships, and help prevent problems that many adolescents face. The Parenting Mindfully Program uses cutting-edge mindfulness techniques to reduce stress and improve parent-child relationships by: helping parents reduce stress, helping parents to be more ‘present’ with their child, and helping parents to show compassion for themselves and for their child

Specifics of Our Study

We are inviting parents of 12-14 year olds who are feeling stressed and their children to participate! In our study, funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH), we will randomly (by chance) assign parents to participate in the Parenting Mindfully (PM) program (a FREE 8-week course) or a Parent Education (PE) program (also a FREE 8-week course). The PM program meets once per week for 2 hours with about 8 other parents and each session includes: quiet meditation and relaxation, activities to increase mindful awareness in everyday life and in parenting, and discussion of mindfulness. Before and after the programs, we ask parents and their teens to complete surveys, interviews, and a task for 3 hours. Each family earns $300 for these assessment sessions. We also ask parents and teens to complete 2 hour follow-up surveys and interviews 6 months and 1 and 2 year following the program, for $150, $200, and $250. The follow-up surveys and interviews can be done remotely if you move to another state.

If you are a parent and are interested in being in the study, please click on the link above.